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Tea House

A Japanese Tea House Simplified

Since these buildings are designed to be built by Westerners with an interest in Japanese culture, they are built with standard building materials available in the United States. They can be constructed by anyone with a basic knowledge of carpentry and woodworking.

A traditional Japanese garden would be the ideal setting for these buildings. Resources for designing and creating Japanese gardens are included on our Resources page .


Complete working drawings for a three-mat (6’10″x9’10”) tea house using American construction techniques and materials. Finish and details

give it an authentic appearance. Includes booklet of instructions, tips and sources for materials, finishes and furnishings.</p></td></tr>

What is a Tea House?

  • A building in your garden to compliment and complete your Japanese landscaping theme
  • A place to perform an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony for people who seriously study the art
  • A place for people to perform their own version of the tea ceremony or just serve tea to their friends
  • An environment for meditation or contemplation
  • A place to escape the stress of modern life and be alone
  • A place to sleep in your garden on a warm summer night

Non-Traditional Uses For a Tea House Structure

  • A garden shed
  • A pool cabana
  • A vacation cabin
  • A summer guest room

Complete construction package:

  • 17 pages of working drawings
  • Materials list
  • Notes and instructions
  • Glossary of Japanese terms
  • Sources for materials and furnishings

US $250.00 Price includes first-class postage and handling.
Plans will ship in 3-7 working days.
Washington State residents will be charged 8.7% sales tax
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