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The books that are in print are available from Amazon.com
Out-of-print books listed below may sometimes be found at Amazon and at ABEBooks.com</>

Making Shoji by Toshio Odate, Linden Publishing, ISBN 0941936473
If you are serious about making shoji screens, this is the best book on the subject.

Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings, Edward S. Morse, Dover Publications, ISBN 0486207463
Incredible drawings of Japanese houses from ancient times to the present.

Measure and Construction of the Japanese House, Heino Engel, Charles E. Tuttle Publishing, ISBN 0804814929
Incredibly detailed. This is the textbook I used in designing the teahouse and guest house.

The Japanese House: Architecture and Interiors, Noboru Murata & Alexandra Black, Tuttle Publishing, ISBN

The Japanese House…Its Interior and Exterior, Kiyoko & Tatsuo Ishimoto, Bonanza Books, ISBN 0517001497

Japanese Homes and Lifestyles: An Illustrated Journey Through History, Kazuya Inaba & Shigenobu Nakayama, Kodansha International,

ISBN 477002391X

Building the Japanese House Today, Peggy Landers Rao & Len Brackett, Abrams Publishing, ISBN 0810959313

Japan Country Living: Spirit -Tradition – Style, Amy Sylvester Katoh & Shin Kimura, Tuttle Publishing, ISBN 0804818584

A Japanese Touch for Your Home, Koji Yagi, Kodansha International, ISBN 477001662X

A Japanese Touch for Your Garden, Kioshi Seiki, Kodansha International, ISBN 4770016611

Japanese Courtyard Gardens, Haruzo Ohashi, Graphic-sha Publishing, ISBN 087040993X

The Japanese Bath, Bruce Smith & Yoshiko Yamamoto, Gibbs Smith, Publisher, ISBN 158685027X
We met Bruce and Yoshiko when they came to stay at our guest house and check out our o-furo. Delightful people and a wonderful book.

Out of Print (but may be found at abebooks.com)

Kura: Design and Tradition of the Japanese Storehouse, Teiji Ito, Madrona Publishers, ISBN 0870112171
The only book I’ve ever seen in English that covers the traditional kura.

Chado: The Japanese Way of Tea, Soshitsu Sen, WeatherHill/Tankosha Publishers, ISBN 0834815184 In-depth information on the tea ceremony, utensils, pictures of teahouses.

Invitation to Tea Gardens: Kyoto’s Culture Enclosed, Preston L Houser & Mizuno Katsuhiko, Suiko Books, 1992, ISBN 4838101163