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Plans Now Available

Many people have asked that we make some of Ron’s Japanese plans available again.

Ever since he first visited Japan in the mid-Fifties, Ron Konzak was fascinated with Japanese architecture and design.

His first home on Bainbridge Island, designed and constructed by Ron, was a blend of Japanese and Western styles.  His final creation, a traditional Japanese house which he and his wife operated as a “futon and breakfast”, was the culmination of a lifelong ambition to build a completely Japanese house.

In between, his Japanese design adventures included private homes, tea houses, baths and gardens. Ron also designed two Buddhist temples on Bainbridge Island. In addition, he created furniture and other design accents such as shoji screens, lanterns, and stepping stones.

Ron had so many requests for tea house plans and Japanese house plans that he began offering two for sale. These are complete sets of working drawings with extensive notes, tips and resource lists.